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How to Cover a Chair

There are several ways you can cover a chair to match your d├ęcor or hide a flaw. You can buy or make a slipcover. If you want a more permanent solution, grab your nail gun and reupholster ...

How to Become a Model

A lot of people want to be a model because it’s glamorous, lucrative and you might want to be recognized in the modeling world. Modeling is extremely competitive, and the industry ...

How to Acrylic Paint

If you’re looking for the vibrancy and quality of oil paints without spending nearly as much money or time, then acrylic painting is for you. Picking up acrylic painting is a ...

How to Make Homemade Garbage Disposal Tablets

Unsure about that putrid aroma wafting from your garbage disposal? Instead of pouring toxic chemicals down the drain, banish nasty kitchen smells using natural ingredients that you ...

How to Be Generous

Being generous begins with treating each person as though they have already achieved the potential for greatness that is in every one of us. Giving something willingly and happily without ...