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How to Enjoy Progressive Rock

Progressive rock, also known as “prog rock” or just “prog”, is an absolutely exceptional genre of music, and, to many, the greatest genre that has ever emerged in the history ...

How to Block Safari on iPhone or iPod Touch

An iPhone or iPod Touch can be a great toy for kids or a great learning tool. But, as a parent, you might want to restrict access to some apps, specifically the ones that allow your ...

How to Perform the Severed Finger in a Box Trick

You can fool people into believing that you have a severed finger in a box. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

How to Make Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

What’s better than hot dogs? Hot dogs wrapped in bacon! EditVideo EditThings You’ll Need Silicon or wooden chopping board Heavy based skillet Spatula Paper towel

How to Photograph Fireworks

Whether you’re celebrating Independence Day, Canada Day, Guy Fawkes Day, or Diwali, it’s always tempting to take pictures of the fireworks exploding in air. After all, ...